Vishuddhi Alaya

And into the forest I go,
to loose my mind and find my soul

John Muir

Experience Peacefulness

Vishuddhi, Center for Personal Development, also called ‘Vishuddhi Alaya‘, is a place where we experience the silence of nature and, along with that, peacefulness and spaciousness within ourselves. The resort is located in a serene, natural environment that promotes tranquility and relaxation of our entire being. With its paradise-like seclusion and facilities, the retreat is an ideal location to carry out all kinds of courses/workshops, or to simply stay for a couple of days and experience the healing power of nature, a plant-based, wholesome diet and walks in the surrounding forests and villages.

We offer following additional activities that create a sense of wellbeing, connectedness with nature and ourselves:

  • Guided walks and hikes through the surrounding area and Namobuddha Monastery
  • Ayurvedic massage packages
  • Craniosacral Therapy sessions
  • Organic gardening actvities
  • Morning yoga classes (private or group classes)

Vishuddhi Alaya’s essence as a place of purification and reconnection to nature and our inner spaciousness, is expressed in its name ‘Vishuddhi’– purification with space as its element and ‘Alaya’– place or abode.

Your Workshop-/Seminarplace

Seminars and workshops are offered at Vishuddhi Alaya on various subjects such as organic farming, waste water treatment, Ayurveda and other sustainable living and health related topics. The place is open to all kinds of organizations and corporations to hold their seminars or workshops here as it is an ideal place to withdraw from our daily routine and access a fresh kind of intelligence and inspiration in the stillness of nature.

Last but not least, the space is open for everybody who simply wants to spend a couple of days in the seclusion of nature with healthy, delicious food, guided hikes in the area or Ayurvedic massage treatments.

Daily and weekly courses on yoga and meditation are offered by outside yoga institutes.



View from Vishuddhi Alaya

A great, peaceful retreat, in the nature, surrounded by beautiful villages and communities, with an amazing view of Nepal mountains, the most amazing hosts and beautiful food. Can't miss it.
Francesca C.

Perfect place and amazing teacher! Learned soooo much during the two day retreat.
Paula W.

Good ambience and hospitality with fresh organic food. A place to look for when you are seeking for a quiet place away from the crowd of the city.
Susham R.

Truly beautiful resort in unspoiled nature of Namobuddha, excellent organic food and the best yoga classes I ever had. The hall is also incredible and fully equipped with anything you may need! Will definitely return.
Natalija W.

An ideal place to slow down and enjoy the stillness of nature

Sunset at Vishuddhi Alaya
Sunset at Vishuddhi Alaya

The founder of the retreat place is Adelheid Schneckenburger, an economist and scholar of Chinese studies who has been living in Nepal for the past 8 years. She is also a certified teacher in the Iyengar School of Yoga and has completed studies in Yoga and Ayurveda therapy, both of which allow her to contribute to the holistic health aspect of the resort.